This page contains the documentation about running and configuring Photog! If you’re looking for help installing Photog!, please read the Installation Guide.

Running Photog!

Photog! is a simple, cross-platform command-line application. To generate a photography website, cd to your Pictures directory and execute photog:

cd Pictures

Your photography website should now be available in the destination directory. Go have a look!

Configuring Photog!

After your first run, you will see Photog! has placed a file named photog.ini inside your Pictures directory. You can configure the behavior of Photog! by editing this file with a text editor such as “Notepad” on Windows or “Text Edit” on Mac OS. Please refer to the manual pages below for a more detailed explanation and a reference of all configuration options.

Manual Pages

The complete documentation of Photog! is available as a collection of Unix-style manual pages. They can be viewed with the man or perldoc commands. For instance, the command perldoc photog will show the general Photog! documentation. The available manpages are:

For your convenience, simply click one of the links above and the manpage will be displayed in the virtual terminal below.